The Media and Sustainable Development in Africa : Professionals’ Workshop Opens in Cairo

The Egyptian President Abdel Fatah el Sisi, Current Chair of the African Union

It is organized by the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development.

In respect of its objective of forging south – south cooperation partnership for development, the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development has brought together senior media professionals for workshops on the role of the media in supporting sustainable development in African nations. In his opening speech of the workshops at the Sonesta hotel in Cairo Ambassador Ahmed Shabeen, Secretary General of the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development ( EAPD) harped on the important role the media should play in the convivial task of educating and sensitizing Africans to work for the sustainable development of their communities and nations at large. The electronic and the print media he noted, should be effectively used to educate and sensitize citizens for participation in all that is being undertaken to ensure sustainability in development. Through such education and sensitization, citizens can be motivated to embrace steps being taken to afford the prerequisites of development which include health, security, and cooperation. The Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Developments was launched in July 2014 through merger of the Egyptian fund for technical cooperation with Africa and the one for the technical cooperation with the commonwealth of independent states. The mastermind of this initiative, Egyptian President Abdel Fatah el Sisi made known the creation of this catalyst of African cooperation for south-south solidarity at the 23rd session of the African union held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea in June 2014 and in July it was officially launched. The workshop on the media and its role in supporting sustainable development in African countries is being held in Egypt when its leader is the current Chair of the African Union whose objectives tie with cooperation. For, as the Egyptian Minister for Foreign Affairs, H.E Sameh Shoukry reminds his
compatriots and fellow Africans, if you want to run fast, run alone, but if you want to run far, run together’’. In respect of this popular African adage, the Egyptian Agency of Partnership for Development through a nascent national initiative, focuses on the boost of Egypt’s international development cooperation efforts particularly with African countries. This in effect, contributes to south – south cooperation and solidarity which is direly needed for sustainability at national and regional levels. The topics included in the Cairo workshop and seminars on the media in support of sustainable development in Africa, portray the organizers awareness of the ingredients of sustainability and possible threats. Hence, topics such as, the role of the media in combating societal ills such as corruption, ignorance, and violence; the media and promotion of the role of women; economic integration, and crusade against terrorism, extremism are on the agenda. The workshop is being held in Cairo when Egyptian President Abdel Fatah Al Sisi is chair of the African Union. It is believed and even already made known that with the Egyptian leader’s focus on forging invaluable partnerships to provide African solutions with global perspective, he is going to do a lot more in his concern for south-south cooperation and economic solidarity. The workshops which also include visits to development projects and economic zone sites such as the Suez Canal and construction of the new Egyptian capital city continues until 27 July 2019. Meanwhile, Egypt is also playing host to sports fans that have streamed to the country for the African football cup of nations, AFCON, and finals of the women’s Volleyball Championship in which Cameron performed brilliantly, retaining the trophy. Egypt remains not only the cradle of humanity, but also catalyst of south-south cooperation.

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