COVID-19 Financial Aid To Business Sector: PM Instructs Immediate Disbursement To Pending Sectors

PM Dion Ngute

This was the main thrust of the July session of monthly cabinet meeting chaired by the Head of Government, Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute

The Prime Minister has instructed some ministries to accelerate the payment of financial allocations set aside to weather the shocks of COVID-19 on the tourism and the social economy and handicraft sectors.

He was speaking in Yaounde Thursday while chairing the July cabinet meeting.

“The Prime Minister instructed me to accelerate with my colleague of finance the payments of allocations that have been decided. Having had this amount to share (FCFA 1.7billion) with so many aspirants, we had to organize a number of meetings,” said the Minister of State for Tourism and Leisure, Bello Bouba Maigari.

The session probed into how the funds are helping bail out hotels, restaurants and tourism establishments from COVID-19 impact.

“So far, we can say that 721 actors were supported by the State 100% in terms of objectives. By so doing, I can confirm that for year one, we were able to implement it in a satisfactory manner,” said the Minister of Small and medium-sized enterprises, Social Economy and Handicraft, Archille Bassilikeng III.

The situation of COVID-19 in Cameroon was also assessed notably the evolution of vaccination campaigns.

“We have just 14 patients in hospital, 415,000 people have been vaccinated. I think this is satisfactory. We are going to continue,” Malachie Manaouda said, Public Health Minister said.

The experimental phase of the inventory of state property in Cameroon was also looked into with the Minister of State Property, Surveys and land Tenure, Henri Eyebe Ayissi presenting results of the operation which was launched in 2015.

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