CAMTEL’s Blue Home Now On The Market


The product was officially rolled out on Tuesday, August 31 and is available in about 18 agencies in Yaounde and Douala

The incumbent telecommunications operator, CAMTEL has officially begun commercializing its Blue Home product which provides super fast internet to households, startups and petit businesses.

The product went operational in the market on Tuesday, August 31 in Yaounde after its official presentation.

Presenting Blue Home, the project manager, Edmond Zama said it is a WTTx(Wireless To The Home) which provides internet four times faster than the 4G with unlimited download.

He said the product comes to fill a gap in the market by providing services in homes, startups, small enterprises and shops with no installation needed to acquire the configuration. A client just needs to install the sim in the modem and ready to go.

“The goal of this project (Blue Home) is to fill in the gaps. CAMTEL for a long time had been running a fibre product which is very good but sometimes can be costly and sometimes can take a lot of time to get to the customer. So the idea of the Blue Home was to fill in that gap, a solution that will quickly allow customers to come to the agency, pick up a box and get connected,” Edmond Zama said.

“We need to (also) remember that the connection is not the ADSL or DSL connection, it is a fibre-like experience. So it was that desire to try to match that experience with a very quick roll out capability and that is what we did,” he added.

Presiding over the launching ceremony of the product, the Deputy General Manager of CAMTEL, Daniel Désiré Olle, stressed the launch of the product falls in line with the goal to bring CAMTEL’s products closer to its clients.

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