Cameroon:NCC Slams Sanctions For Unprofessional Journalism Practices

National Communication Council

A journalist working for Vision 4 private TV channel, Christophe Bienvenu Bia Nnama, has been banned from practising the profession for the next two months by the National Communication Council, NCC for a report “containing obscene remarks and images, lik

The NCC has also served a warning to the owner of Vision 4, Amougou Belinga. The decisions among others were arrived at last week during the 33rd ordinary session of the Council which also saw the examination of its 2021 annual report.

In another sanction, the publisher of French-language newspaper, EcoMatin, was issued a warning for publishing an article which accused the owner of a travel agency of inhumane treatment of his former employees as well as irregular tax practices.

The body deemed inadmissible, the case brought against L’ouragan newpaper and its director, in which the plaintiff accused the media outfit of “allegedly unfounded, offensive and abusive statements” accusing the Mayor of the Nitoukou Council of mismanagement.   

Cases of defamation brought against La Voix de Decideurs by a representative of CONGELCAM was dismissed.

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