Patriotic Flames...

Aman’s country,we are told,is not just a certain area of land. It is a principle and patriotism is loyalty to that Principle. The 46th anniversary of a Cameroon, one and indivisible was celebrated last Sunday nationwide. Rich in symbols, the national day is an occasion when Cameroonians sink differences,suspend all judgmentsonnational life and celebrate an identity, an institution and a Republic that has earned for itself the sobriquet of an "island of peace and stability". For a single day in a lengthy year, a nation holds its breath in awe, in a moment of collective communion in the holy shrine of the Fatherland. May 20 is a day in the life of a nation, a people that recalls and re-enforces the tenets of a collective heritage. Itre-awakens and reignites patriotic flames. It provides a rare op-
portunity for the citizenry to eulogise the fruits of peace and nationhood.May 20 represents a level ground, an image of a starting point for the constructionof a virile and prosperous democratic dispensation.It emits rays of an umpire, the ombudsman that sets the rules, delimitsthe edges and blows the whistle on eviance. In its 46thanniversary, the symbols and images of May 20 got added meaning and strengthened our collective resolve to consistently stay the course, hold the fort to the advantage of future generations.

As a totemof nationhood,the day reminds every citizen to live his life forsomethingmore importantthanhislife alone.Anyone who as never lost himself in a cause bigger than himself ha missed one of life’s vital experiences. After building a strong foundation for unity and cohesion in the past decades,the goals of democracy and economic prosperity today evidently re-enforce pillars of stability.
May 20 transcendsthe mileage of political parties and electoral mandates. It remains aday toglorify anentity, apeople and a heritage. Symbols of the Corporate will–the flag, The national anthem, the Republic and al who incarnate them are all ingredients of unity and national cohesion today and tomorrow.Unity, justice and democracy are inextricably interwoven in the symbols of May20.The future of Cameroon, one and indivisible, remains pegged on the collective resolve to inject democracy and good governance into genetic componentsofourpolity."The care of human life and happiness", Thomas Jefferson stressed,"is the first and only legitimate object of good government." The objectives of the New Deal crusade of President Paul Biya remain the protection ofthe common good. In thislight, nothing isleftto chance creating opportunities for all in a level playing field.

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