Cameroo: Senate Status Quo Maintained

After the election on Friday, the Senate Bureau held an in-camera meeting on Saturday to discuss issues related to the functioning of the House

Senator Marcel Niat Njifenji, who has been President of the upper House of Parliament since its inception in 2013, was again given another mandate to lead the 17-man bureau for the next one year.

He was re-elected by 84 of the 87 available votes, while there were three null votes recorded. The rest of the bureau was unchanged except for a new person who was elected to replace one of the Vice Presidents, Sylvestre Naah Ondoua, who died in January.

Speaking as soon as he wasre-elected, Niat Njifenji first thanked his fellow Senators as well as President Paul Biya for once again bestowing confidence in him.

“I thank you for renewing your confidence in me once again as the President of the upper chamber of our Parliament. My hearty gratitude and particular acknowledgment go naturally to His Excellency the President of the Republic and National President of the CPDM, Paul Biya, who decided to renew in me his very high confidence,” he said, before stating that he will spare no efforts in ensuring that he successfully perform the exacting task that awaits him.

Niat Njifenji said with the number of challenges which the country is currently facing and the threats to the nation’s security and territorial integrity, the contributions of the Senate is highly solicited as this will help the President of the Republic meet up to the exigencies.

After the election, the senate Bureau held an in-camera meeting on Saturday to discuss issues related to the functioning of the House.

One of the Vice Presidents, Senator Vanigansem Mochiggle, who spoke to reporters after the meeting, said they talked about finances and the management of the chamber, the reviewed done by a working group, and also looked into the issue of the new office space for the Senate.

He said the meeting was also a moment to officially welcome the new Vice President who was elected on Friday to replace the deceased Sylvestre Naah Ondoua.

Permanent Bureau Members – Senate

President: Marcel Niat Njifenji

Senior Vice President: Aboubakary Abdoulaye

Vice Presidents:

Ndieb-Nso Georges Tabetando Hanlog Génèvieve espeTjioues Vanigansem Mochiggle



Abdoulaye Wouyak Marava Otte Andrew Moffa Bisseck Paulette



Hayatou Aicha Pierrette Chafah Isaac Obam Assam Samuel Moampea Mbio Marie-Claire Hamadou Paul Pierre Flambeau Ngayap Dakolé Daissala Leke Bessongoh Akemefor



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