Fight Against COVID-19: UNDP Donates Scanner To Govt

Scanner at Yaounde Central Hospital

The 64-bar equipment worth $130,000 was handed over to the Yaounde Central Hospital on Tuesday, June 22

“The staff of the Yaounde Central Hospital are now very confident with this equipment which will help them improve on the quality of care offered to the patients”.

Those were the words of the Head of the Radiology and Imaging Department of the Yaounde Central Hospital, Professor Ongolo Fouda as he welcomed the Minister of Public Health and the Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP, into the hall where the newly acquired 64-bar scanner had been installed.

The equipment handed over by the UNDP was acquired thanks to a $130,000-fund from the Islamic Development Bank and is intended to strengthen health care provision at the hospital.

Presenting the scanner, Prof Ongola Fouda said the device is qualified as a high performance object because it is capable of making 128 slices in a fraction of a second, unlike the old two-bar scanner acquired in 2005.

In addition, the quality of the images produced is very high and sharp and the device is associated with an engraver which makes it possible to manage the multiplicity of images.

In addition, to mitigate the vagaries of interruptions related to the supply of electrical energy, an energy security device makes it possible to avoid the interruption of the execution of a command, he added.

On his part, the UNDP Resident Representative Dr Jean Luc Stalonexpressed delight on the availability of the equipment which is intended to strengthen the response against Covid-19.

“UNDP is delighted today to participate in the handover of this equipment. This is part of our response and support to the government of Cameroon to face the COVID-19 pandemic. We are particularly happy to provide this support to the Yaounde Central Hospital which is a very important medical infrastructure in the country,” Dr Jean Luc Stalon said.

“We are particularly happy that we are providing this scanner with a warranty of two years which will allow in case of any problems to have some sustainability and follow up of this equipment.,” he added.

Inaugurating the equipment, the Minister of Public Health DrMalachieManaouda said more scanners are on their way and will be installed at other health facilities. He added that the Yaounde Central Hospital will get an ambulance and equipped with a new generator in the days ahead while the installation of an oxygen plant is equally being envisaged.

With more than 200,000 patients received per year and some 40,000 patients received in emergency situations, this health facility occupies a prominent place in the health system, reason why government is going the extra mile to provide the necessary equipment.

The Minister however recommended that the upgrading of the technical platform be accompanied by the humanization of care. It was on this recommendation that the symbolic ribbon was cut, followed by a visit to the device in question, the entire technical device and the premises that house them.

In addition to the main room which includes the brand new scanner, cabins have been fitted out and equipped with additional equipment. Two waiting areas are reserved for patients. Another space has already been reserved to accommodate a possible MRI machine.

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