Cameroon:FECAFOOT General Assembly Agrees To Bury Hatchet

Members of the 2009 FECAFOOT GA

The bad blood that has existed between the members of the 2009 General Assembly and successive regime of the football governing body seem to have been laid to bed after the two met last weekend to thrash out their differences

They were 44 out of the 76 members of the 2009 FECAFOOT General Assembly who answered present at the Mont Febe Hotel last Thursday, February 24 for a meeting summoned by Samuel Eto’o, President of FECAFOOT.

The meeting was summoned to seek solutions and put an end to the long lasting feud and legal battles between members of the 2009 General Assembly and the executive of the Cameroon Football Federation.

After hours of discussions, they all arrived at a conclusion to work together in order to put the interest of Cameroon football first.

Important Resolutions

Among the resolutions taken at the end of the meeting, members of the 2009 General Assembly of the Cameroon Football Federation agreed to accompany Samuel Eto’o his policies to appease and reconcile actors of Cameroon football as well reform the sector. To that effect, they all agreed to recognize his victory as FECAFOOT President last December 11, 2021.

To that effect, members of the 2009 GA all resolved to drop all pending law suits both at the national and international courts and agreed the final communiqué as well as the minutes of the meeting should be used to defend FECAFOOT’s position at courts mentioned.

In addition, Fautin Blaise Mbida and Pierre Boujiko Yokeka were designated as spokespersons of the 2009 FECAFOOT General Assembly.

On his part, the President of FECAFOOT took the engagement to consult the various judicial commissions on the suspensions of some members of the 2009 General Assembly as a result of the various electoral crises.

Abdourahman Boycotts Meeting

Despite the glimmer of hope that emerged at the end of the meeting, the absence of one of the key stakeholders, Abdourahman Hamadou Babba has left some unanswered questions.

Abdourahman, President of Etoile Filante of Garoua and the kingpin of the various legal battles decided to stay away from the meeting without giving any official reason.

While the meeting was going on, he rather went ahead to post a cyptic message on Facebook joking he was in Yaounde eat beef steak.

His absence did not go unnoticed in the hall as the President of FECAFOOT, Samuel Eto’o dwelled on it before promising to do all in his powers to bring Abdourahman to the table.

“I don’t want to lose him (Abdourahman) and I will not lose him,” Samuel Eto’o said.

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