National Sports Facilities And Equipment Board: Effective Work Starts Now

Olembe Stadium

The new officials appointed by the Head of State last Monday now have to get to work to consolidate the gains of Cameroon’s sport infrastructural policy that has seen the country build a number of world class facilities

Problems facing sports infrastructure in Cameroon now look a thing of the past with the appointment of the pioneer management body of the National Sports Facilities and Equipment Board, ONIES.

A Presidential Decree last Monday, February 6 appointed former Indomitable Lions goalkeeper, Joseph Bell Antoine as the Chairman of the body, Felix Ewane as Administrator and Ekombe Wanki as Deputy Administrator. The Decree has now given shape to the body created by the Head of State, Paul Biya on August 17, 2022.

To ensure the ONIES takes proper shape, the Head of State put the right persons in the right place to consolidate the gains.

Former Indomitable Lions goalkeeper, Joseph Antoine Bell is expected to put his wide knowledge acquired over the decades in sports to ensure sports infrastructure in the country stand on their feet and enjoy their autonomy financial autonomy by generating funds.

On the other hand, the administrator, Felix Francois Ewane, looks like a square peg in a square hole. The civil engineer masters most of the newly constructed infrastructure given his role and active participation in transactions linked to the construction of the Afcon 2021 facilities.

His assistant, Pascaline Ekombi Wanki brings her experience in properly managing the Limbe Omonisports Stadium.

The new team in place is now expected to ensure the proper management and exploitation of sports infrastructure in the country. They will also ensure these infrastructure are secured, developed and improved upon.

Placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education, National Sports Facilities and Equipment Board, if need be, can create branches in other regions.

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