Cameroon:CAMTEL Celebrates Women's Day In Pomp

Camtel women

Around the General Manager, Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi, women of the corporation took the opportunity to put out stress during a reception at the Club CAMTEL

High fives, embraces, and accolades! It was in total conviviality that women of the Cameroon Telecommunications, CAMTEL showed up at the reception offered them by the General Manager, Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi on the occasion of this year's celebration of the International Women's Day.

After the march past at the May 20 Boulevard where CAMTEL women took part, they headed straight to the Club CAMTEL for the reception offered them.

Addressing the women, the General Manager of CAMTEL, Judith Yah Sunday epse Achidi said the company has been at the forefront in promoting the inclusion of women for socioeconomic and technological transformation.

She added that her appointment as the GM of CAMTEL is testament to the place the Head of State accords to women.

Other women through their competence and tenacity are in positions of responsibility at CAMTEL, she added. Among them are a Technical Adviser, an Inspector, six Directors, 42 Sub Directors, Heads of Department and Regional Managers as well as over a hundred chiefs of service and more

In this light, the GM called on the women not to rest on their laurels to work harder in order to better satisfy the ever growing demands of clients and maintain CAMTEL’s position at the top of the chart.

The occasion presented a moment for the General Manager of CAMTEL to commune with the staff of the corporation as the guest artiste of the day,   lit up the stage after all the speech making.

Wednesday’s reception came to crown a charged week for CAMTEL women who launched activities last week leading up to the to the International Women’s Day.

It was thus an opportunity to hand over prizes to the winners of the cooking competition that took place in the course of the week as well as honour and hand out gifts to members of staff who have gone on retirement.

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